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Looking for supportive relationships, exchange of contacts, experiences and knowledge between developers?

Do you know that such a community will help you grow your business?

If so, read to the end and join the Developer Club.

Paweł Górski

founder of and active developer.
“My goal is to create a community of developers, nationwide and local, that will support each other, exchange experiences, contacts and knowledge, and spend time together with pleasure.

A community that will be able to count on itself, in which strong and reliable contacts will be created, thanks to which joint businesses will also be established. It will happen smoothly thanks to the trust we build with each other.

We will give each other a chance to get to know each other and help each other, we will also inform each other efficiently about unreliable people on the market, we will exchange contacts with local business partners and officials. There will also be a shopping group available to club members.

Thanks to this, our businesses will have very strong foundations for development.”

Key Membership Benefits:

the opportunity to participate in integration and educational meetings of the club

access to the mastermind group of club members, the possibility of obtaining capital and land for investments

access to local and national business partners recommended by members of the club

the opportunity to learn about local clerical practices as part of the exchange of experiences

30% discount on all events and educational products from the store:, free webinars

The investment in annual membership is PLN 3,999 net.








See the full list of benefits:

Full list of benefits of participating in the Developer Club:

  • spend time with people similar to you, with whom you can share your successes and help each other in difficult times.
  • the possibility of placing the logo of the development company on the website in the club members tab
  • Integration trips (foreign and domestic events)
  • building strong business relationships based on trust, which will translate into joint businesses of the club members
  • strong expansion of business contacts through their exchange
  • participation in the mastermind group of club members (group on Facebook, meetings of members on ZOOM)
  • access to local and national business partners recommended by members of the club (General Contractors, Material Manufacturers, Architects, Engineers, Lawyers, Advertising Agencies, etc.)
  • meeting officials responsible for investment arrangements at local club meetings. The opportunity to learn about clerical practices as part of the exchange of experience
  • possibility to use the practical knowledge of club members based on experience
  • the possibility of obtaining capital for investments
  • possibility of acquiring land for investments
  • 30% discount on local developer club meetings
  • 30% discount on educational products (workshops, online courses, document templates)
  • 30% discount on events organized by (conferences, alumni reunions)
  • taking part in a unique idea that will change the market

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