About us

The Developer Club is a place where we support each other! Imagine that when you join our Club, you always have a group of other specialists / practitioners from the development industry at hand. You can exchange experiences with them, ask about issues that raise doubts in your investment, find a specialist or establish cooperation.

Our club members operate throughout Poland. Knowledge of the local market and access to contacts is undoubtedly the key to reducing problems in a development project.

What does club membership give you?

you can meet people with similar interests and goals,

you will exchange contacts to local contractors, specialists and officials

you will share knowledge based on your own experiences

you will find troubleshooting in your investment!

The Developer’s Club is growing stronger all the time! On a daily basis, we stay in touch with each other on the Developer Club Group on Facebook, we meet at stationary events in various Polish cities, at workshops and conferences, and we go on vacation together 🙂 See the latest report from the Maldives.

We gather around us developers, contractors, architects, investors and many other people, thanks to whom we provide assistance in the start in the industry and in development.

Meet the founder of the Developer Club:

Paweł Górski

founder of dewelopuj.pl and developer club, active developer. “My goal is to create a community of developers, nationwide and local, that will support each other, exchange experiences, contacts and knowledge, and spend time together with pleasure.
A community that will be able to count on itself, in which strong and reliable contacts will be created, thanks to which joint businesses will also be established. It will happen smoothly thanks to the trust we build with each other.

We will give each other a chance to get to know each other and help each other, we will also inform each other efficiently about unreliable people on the market, we will exchange contacts with local business partners and officials. There will also be a shopping group available to club members.
Thanks to this, our businesses will have very strong foundations for development.”

Meet the developer club leader:

Radosław Musiał

lawyer, economist, active developer and investor. People have always flocked in groups. Willingness to belong is an important trait, especially in a relationship-based business. Development activity is one of such businesses. Surrounding ourselves with similar people with the same business aspirations, we get many benefits, tips and ideas.

Why look for and imitate how you can ask and do business on the beaten track.
Everyone has happened, there will be a situation in which it would be good to ask a few others for their opinion, assessment or recommendations. Maybe for available land, money or doing something together.

Being in many business groups or clubs, I gained a lot of positive energy and motivation, and sometimes there was even no time to talk about problems because they disappeared by themselves due to the attitude and sense of security resulting from the fact that I can always count on help.
As someone once said ambiguously – there is strength in a pile.